Our goal is to treat our patients in the most professional manner

We offer individualized care in a warm, friendly and relaxing environment. Our experienced team is happy to take the time to answer your questions and provide information to help you make informed decisions about your dental health care. We are conveniently located at Clyde and Merivale in the Bleeker mall and offer free parking.


Dr. Valerie Archibald's services include preventative care, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, root canal treatment, and invisalign orthodontics.

Preventative Care and Hygiene

Check-Ups and Cleanings, Periodontal Scaling, Polishing, Fluoride Treatments, X-Rays, Pit and Fissure Sealants, Gum Treatments, Night Guards and Sport Guards, Oral Hygiene Instruction and Nutritional Counselling

Cosmetic Dentistry

This includes: Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, Bleaching, Porcelain Veneers, Bonding to Repair Chips and Cracks, and Bonding to Close Gaps or Straighten Teeth.


Dr Vichos is pleased to offer Invisalign orthodontics to straighten teeth. Invisalign uses clear, thin yet strong aligners to slowly move the teeth into position. They allow for easier flossing during the straightening process and are barely visible when worn.


More commonly called Root Canal Therapy, this treatment allows an infected tooth to be saved by removing the contents of the root canals and pulp chamber and filling the root canals with a rubbery material called gutta percha. The alternative to root canal therapy is the extraction or removal of the tooth. Endodontically treated teeth are more fragile and most need to be crowned.


We love seeing little children at the office. Until children are 10 years old they only see the dentist. That way, if they need treatment, they already know and feel more comfortable with the dentist. At first visits, children help to examine our stuffed donkey Roderick before having their own exam. Parents please brush your child’s teeth as soon as they erupt until grade 3 and floss any teeth that touch until age 10. No fluoride toothpaste until age 6! But do have your children drink water from the tap to get the perfect 1 part per million of fluoride to build stronger teeth!


Dr. Archibald has over 30 years of experience restoring implants with crowns and bridges. Implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. After an oral surgeon or periodontist has placed the implant in your bone, a crown or bridge can be attached. They can also be used to make partial and complete dentures more secure.


Dr. Valerie Archibald and her experienced staff at Clyde and Merivale in Nepean, offer friendly, compassionate and professional dental care.


Dr. Valerie Archibald


Dr. Valerie Archibald has been proudly caring for patients for over 23 years.


Dr. Eleni Vichos


Dr. Vichos has over 25 years of experience as a Dentist.


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Surgically Clean Air units in every room. Click here to learn how these units work.

Open - Please read

Dear Patients:
As you may know, dentists may now see patients again with certain additional requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE), barriers, air quality, and social distancing. We have worked hard to meet (and will exceed where possible) those standards and are now open.
The safety of my patients and staff is my prime concern as we reopen and look after you. We have started calling people in. We are triaging everyone so don’t worry, we will get to you. If you have a problem, just call us so we can adjust your position on the list.
Below is some information on the new safety precautions we are taking and how your next visit may look.

I will be in the office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and evening and Thursday. Dr Vichos will also be working on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hygiene appointments are now possible. In the beginning, cleanings will involve hand scaling only. Once we obtain an adequate supply of the N95 masks, which are scarce, and after the rooms have been equipped with individual air filtration (Surgically Clean Air), our hygienists will be able to resume using the cavitron, prophy jet and rubber cup prophylaxis. It is important to understand that cavitrons save a lot of time, and therefore your cleaning with hand scalers will likely take longer than before and therefore more units of scaling will be used per visit. As well, some deeper pockets just can’t be cleaned as well with hand scalers as with the fine cavitron tips. For people with heavy stain, it may not be possible to get all of the stain off without the prophyjet. Our hygienists will do their best in the hour they have for you.

We appreciate patients not increasing our risk of contracting Covid-19. Please do your part, wash your hands frequently, clean commonly touched surfaces often, cough into your sleeve and wear a mask in public. Maintain social distance and do whatever the public health authorities tell you to do so we all can get back to normal sooner.

Stay home, stay safe, and let’s all get through this safely.

Valerie Archibald