Dr. Valerie Archibald

Dr. Valerie Archibald has over two decades of experience.
Dr. Valerie Archibald

Dr. Archibald grew up in Cobourg, Ontario. The daughter of a dentist, her exposure to dentistry started as early as age 8, when she would pull and file charts after “Brownies” on Tuesdays. She had her first “real job” as the office cleaner! Later, she started working as a fill-in assistant in the summers. Back then you didn’t need to be certified to assist, so Valerie assisted, developed x-rays in the old “dip tanks”, sterilized instruments, poured up models, filing etc.

She studied Biology at Queen’s University for two years and then was accepted into Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. After 3rd year, she was employed doing research on composite restoration materials and bonding systems with the famous Dr. Ronald Jordon.

After graduation in 1989, Dr. Archibald went back home to practice with her Dad. She worked for him, and then he worked for her. Friends jokingly called the office “Dr. Daignault and Father”. This clinic was a great place to start out. It was an under serviced area, with no fluoride in the water, and few specialists nearby. When on call, there was no hospital dental facility, so trauma cases might be handled at 2am in the office. It was there that Dr. Archibald developed her skills further, especially in the areas of surgery, pediatrics and restorative dentistry.

Dr. Archibald knew she wanted to live closer to her favourite sport… skiing! So after much thought, she sold the practice and moved to Ottawa in 2000, where she worked as an associate for 10 years. She found time, when not working or skiing, to meet her husband Gordie Archibald in 2000, get married in 2003, and have a lovely daughter Lauren in 2005.

In October 2010, she purchased the practice of Dr. Chris Garside, just 3 minutes from home! It was an unexpected pleasure to be soon joined by her assistant of 10 years, Monique!

These days, Dr. Archibald spends her time walking the dog, and being a “hockey Mom” in the winter, and a “piano and swimming Mom” year round. She still loves to ski with her family.