Tips for New Parents

  1. As soon as teeth erupt, brush them in the morning and before bed.
  2. As soon as teeth touch, floss them once a day.
  3. It is ok if the child does it before or after you but they do not have the dexterity to do a proper job. You the parent need to do the brushing morning and night until the end of grade one. For grade two, most children can do the morning but you need to do the bedtime brushing as it is more important. At grade three, most children can take over the brushing, you the parent need to do the flossing until age ten.
  4. No fluoride in the toothpaste until age six because you can’t control the amount of paste they swallow. If they swallow it they can get fluorosis or mottled teeth. But do have them drink city water, until then so they get the fluoride in the water at optimum levels. This will build teeth that are stronger. Use fluoridated tap water to make formula if you are bottle feeding.
  5. Only water after the bedtime brushing once any teeth are in. Milk sitting on the teeth causes cavities. Feed the baby when they wake up, not to get them to go to sleep.
  6. Minimize juice and pop consumption. Limit juice to ½ cup at breakfast and pop once in a while if at all. Serve only milk or water at other times. Juice and pop are highly acidic, cause cavities and are definitely associated with childhood obesity. Never let your child walk around with a sippy cup with anything but water.

Minimize consumption of sweets and candies, especially the sticky candies or anything the child sucks on for a long time. Also remember that dried fruit (raisins) should be consumed only a couple times a week as they are very high in sugar.